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Recent jury victories for Christopher R. Hedrick, Esq.

Christopher R. Hedrick, Esq. represented the defendants in the matters found below.
Baker v. Ray's Florist, Inc, , Massey and John Doe: "Verdict less than special damages" - Jury verdict in Suffolk Circuit Court. Plaintiff filed suit for a multi car accident and sought 2 million against the corporate defendant, Ray's Florist and its employee Alan Massey. Plaintiff presented evidence of 20% whole body impairment to her back. On cross examination, plaintiff's expert Dr. Wardell was forced to concede that the basis for his impairment evaluation was inaccurate. Prior to trial the lowest demand was $150,000, and the highest offer was $20,000. The plaintiff presented medical bills of over $20,000 and a 20% whole body permanent impairment. During closing arguments plaintiff's counsel requested a verdict of 1 Million dollars. The jury returned a verdict of $12,000. All post verdict motions were denied by the presiding judge.

Owens v. Lee: "Verdict of $2300 over specials". Jury trial in Williamsburg Circuit Court. This suit brought was brought on behalf of an infant. Liability was admitted and the case was tried solely on the issue of damages. The plaintiff presented evidence of a myofacial spinal pain based on the opinion of the infant's treating pediatrician and $6000 in medical specials. In defense the school records of the infant plaintiff were introduced into evidence demonstrating the infant had engaged in weight lifting at school and had also played recreational league full contact football. The jury returned a verdict of $6300 for the infants mother and $2000 for the infant for a total of $8300, i.e. $2300 over the amount of the special damages.

Au v. Smith: "Jury awards no punitive damages against drunk driver who fled from police" - Jury trial in Newport News Circuit Court. A driver attempting to evade police struck several vehicles when he ran a red light. One of those vehicles was driven by the plaintiff, who sought damages for injuries she sustained in the accident. Defendant Marvin Patrick Smith was involved in a police chase. He drove his vehicle to the side of the road near an intersection and slowed to a near stop before speeding ahead and driving through a red light. Defendant's vehicle struck a car which was forced into a vehicle driven by Plaintiff Hoa Le Au. Plaintiff's automobile was knocked into the intersection and her car was struck by a vehicle making a left turn. Defendant pled guilty to driving under the influence, eluding and evading the police (a felony), and causing injury (a felony). He was sentenced to eight years in prison. Plaintiff sought compensatory damages and punitive damages for the gross nature of Defendant's actions. Defendant admitted liability for the accident; however, he disputed her punitive damage claim, arguing that he was already punished with his prison sentence. Plaintiff incurred $3,700 in medicals and $800 in lost wages. In closing arguments, Plaintiff requested $50,000 in compensatory damages and $100,000 in punitive damages. After deliberating for 45 minutes, the jury awarded $8,000 in compensatory damages and no punitive damages. All post verdict motions by Plaintiff were denied.