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OSHA cited a local company operating at the Port of Hampton Roads in the death of their employee as a result of the collision of two pieces of machinery used to move containers. The citation specified that the employer had failed to provide training and designate specific vehicular routes resulting, in part, in the death… Continue reading OSHA Citation and Penalty successfully defended by Christopher R. Hedrick
In the case of Blazier v. Parkin, the defendant never saw the vehicle in which the plaintiff was a passenger. The defendant struck the drivers side of the plaintiff’s vehicle causing it to roll over several times before coming to a rest. Liability was stipulated and the case was tried to a jury in James… Continue reading Rollover accident successfully defended by Christopher R. Hedrick, Esq.
Christopher R. Hedrick, Esq. represented the defendants in the matters found below. Baker v. Ray's Florist, Inc, , Massey and John Doe: "Verdict less than special damages" - Jury verdict in Suffolk Circuit Court. Plaintiff filed suit for a multi car accident and sought 2 million against the corporate defendant, Ray's Florist and its employee… Continue reading Recent jury victories for Christopher R. Hedrick, Esq.